foundation laid IN 1928

From A trusted heritage

Sabsun Clay Stores carries a trusted legacy of almost a century.
We are a new enterprise built on the expertise of generations of our family who formed The Standard Brick &Tile Co. (Yelahanka) in 1928, that's stood the test of time and is thriving till date. Founded by leading partners who have a reputation built upon a foundation of reliability and longevity, with roots in the Clay product manufacturing and the supply of quality products accross the country, our company now seeks to introduce the charm of terracotta to new generations.

Sabsun Clay Stores, as a company has evolved, to meet the needs of a rapidly changing industry. We are today a team with roots in a 5th generation company, here to tell the story of terracotta with a timeless appeal.

A Product range like Nowhere

Quality, Variety & Trust

Quality - We focus on quality, and ethical in our practices. Our supply is only restricted to first grade material. We do not indulge in the practise of mixing second grade and third grade material (which are also available for sale in the market)

Variety - We are a one stop solution for all terracotta materials.

Experience - We have a legacy of close to a hundred years. Backed with the right fundamentals, we help you choose the right product. 

Service - We have a team of dedicated professionals who will cater to your requirements. You can interact with us at our experience center, or from the convenience of your home or office. 

Affordability - Owing to our manufacturing and product expertise, we give you excellent products at pocket-friendly prices. 

Network - We have a large group of third party vendors who aid in transportation, installation, and more.


Product Portfolio of 75 and counting


A team of Architects, Product Expert and Sales Professionals


Grade 1 Standard,
Terracotta Products

Hastle - free

Samples delivered to your door-step


A century worth and beyond


Best Third-party Vendors in the Country


If you are in Bengaluru, we warmly invite you to drop by at our Experience Centre and explore our wide catalog and tastefully designed premises

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