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External facades have been redefined with the use of clay jalis.Terracotta jalis are bricks with perforations. Each type of perforation results in a unique design. Owing to their versatility, Architects have ranked jalis amongst the most popular terracotta materials.
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An exposed clay brick facade is the definition of earthiness. By using clay bricks, there is a characteristic of terracotta as an earthy material thereby achieving an aesthetic that is a classic. Widely sought after by the design community, bricks continue to be a favourite.
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The nostalgia of Mangalore roofing tiles is embedded in the history of India. These tiles have been in application for over a century and continue to remain the leading choice of roofing among modern and traditional designers with a timeless appeal.
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Roofing tiles are complemented by clay ceiling tiles. They normally sit beneath the roofing tiles, or they are used as a false ceiling. We offer modern and traditional designs to suit the style of your interiors. The charm of terracotta is multiplied with the application of ceiling tiles.
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With the help of terracotta wall cladding, today’s designers are empowered with the ability to mimic brick masonry. Wall tiles are dynamic materials that can be used on interior and exterior walls. They are sustainable products that add sophistication to your space.
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Porotherm Blocks have paved way to faster and smarter construction. With its light weight, High compressive strength, Sound and Thermal Insulation properties; Hollow Blocks are a go to product for not just high rise buildings but for larger spanned construction Projects.
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Sabsun Clay Stores carries a trusted legacy of almost a century. We are a new enterprise built on the expertise of generations of leading partners who have decades of experience in the terracotta product manufacturing industry, and now seek to introduce the charm of terracotta to new generations.

At Sabsun Clay Stores, our dream is to bring the beauty of clay into as many buildings as possible. 


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